About us

In 1921 the original Blaschke coconut macaroon was invented in Traiskirchen near Vienna. The story of the “Kokoskuppel” begins with Johann Blaschke and his love for the art of confectionery. At a request of a customer, he dipped his best-selling sweet, the “Kokosbusserl” – a coconut biscuit, in chocolate. However, the chocolate did not stick. After several attempts, he came up with the idea of refining the fluffy coconut biscuit with a crispy waffle and a delicious cocoa cream. The Blaschke coconut macaroon was born.

Since then, the coconut macaroon has been appreciated and popular by many people of several generations. And this is how the “Kokoskuppel” became an Austrian cult brand that is celebrating its 100th anniversary next year.



  • Since 1977 Blaschke has been allowed to carry the Austrian quality brand as a special award for the original “Kokoskuppel”.
  • In the 80th year of the company’s existence, in 1982, Federal Minister Josef Staribacher awarded the company the right to run the national coat of arms in business dealings.
  • By using UTZ-certified cocoa and RSPO-certified cultivation palm oil Blaschke supports the sustainable cultivation of agricultural products.