The Austrian classic among the sweets​

In 1921, the original Blaschke coconut macaroon was invented by confectioner Johann Blaschke in Traiskirchen near Vienna. Whether for coffee or as a little snack in between – the original Blaschke coconut macaroon sweetens every moment of enjoyment and, in its classic form, provides layer upon layer of deliciousness.

Layer by layer of deliciousness​

With its unique combination of fluffy coconut, crispy waffle and fine cocoa cream, the Blaschke Kokoskuppel is the epitome of Austrian baking tradition – and a poem layer by layer!

Classic Coconut Macaroon

Blaschke Coconut Macaroon

The different layers are a typical characteristic of the coconut macaroon. Each one is a pleasure in itself, but all together for the unmistakable taste to melt away: the crunchy waffle on the bottom, semi-sweet coconut fluff on top and fine cocoa cream on top. The Blaschke coconut macaroon is immersed in the finest chocolate.

Nutritional values per 100g​
  • Caloric content 524kcal / 2176kj
  • Fat 36g
  • of which from saturated fats 25g
  • Carbohydrate 42g
  • of which from sugar 35g
  • Protein 5,2g
  • Salt 0,21g

Coconut flakes provide an exotic taste​

We want to tell you something about the typical ingredient, that gave the macaroon its name: coconut. The coconut is a stone fruit and contains a white, tasty pulp in the core. If it is dried and water is removed from it, it is called copra – the base product for coconut flakes. They give the coconut macaroon its unique taste. The Blaschke company pays attention to the highest quality when choosing coconut and all other raw materials.

This also applies to the cocoa that is contained in the cocoa cream. Blaschke uses UTZ-certified cocoa for the coconut domes. This procedure supports sustainable cocoa cultivation.

Mini Coconut Macaroon​

Mini Coconut Macaroon

For small moments of pleasure with particularly great enjoyment: the Blaschke Mini Coconut Macaroons are the small versions of the popular classic coconut macaroon. Because enjoyment has nothing to do with quantity or size. Quite the reverse! Sometimes mini can do a lot.

Nutritional values per 100g​
  • Caloric content 504kcal / 2099kj
  • Fat 33g
  • of which from saturated fats 44g
  • Carbohydrate 44g
  • of which from sugar 40g
  • Protein 5,2g
  • Salt 0,22g

Enjoyment of life knows no age

What granny has enjoyed as a child, now are enjoying the grandchildren – because the triple enjoyment of Blaschke Kokoskuppel delights sweet tooth over the generations.

Even today, the Blaschke coconut macaroon is produced according to a traditional recipe. Crunchy waffle, fine cocoa cream and fluffy coconut make up layer by layer: a poem!